An Austin Renaissance at Sherwood Forest Faire

Ren Faire Report:  Faire Freak Says “Thumbs up to Sherwood Forest Faire”

Sherwood Forest Faire is Juicy with Fabulously Freaky Costumes!

As we go along, I’m going to show you a collection of many beautiful renaissance faire freaks that I photographed at the Sherwood Forest Faire near Austin, TX on opening weekend 2011.  Renaissance Festivals rock and this one is no exception!

Getting to the Ren Faire

It was a bit of a rough start.  It took us awhile to find this Ren Faire which is only about 45 minutes east of Austin, TX.  From Austin we drove on 290 East toward McDade, TX.  A billboard finally appeared saying the Sherwood Forest Faire was only 2 miles on the left.  4 miles later we swung back around drove in a circle for 20 minutes until we finally arrived at the fest.  Maybe it was our mistake, but it was a little tricky to find.  Parking was easy, though, and the fest had a peaceful vibe with super decked out and friendly folks.

Sherwood Faire is Austin Weird–Huzzah!

With those logistics aside, the Sherwood Forest Faire was perfectly mellow and Austin weird.  We loved it.  The forest offered a beautiful setting for the faire and everything was done extremely well.  The structures were artistic and creative, like a giant expanse of tree roots being the backdrop for a little stage and shops that were created with an artful eye.  Speaking of trees, the walking tree man on stilts was wicked cool!

3 Great Renaissance Festivals in Texas!

The Sherwood Forest Faire was just as fun as Texas Renaissance Festival with the added bonus of nice wide open spaces. The food was great, the performers were entertaining,  the grounds were immaculate, the parking was easy, except with a fraction of the patrons.  Of course, we know they need tons of patrons to keep things going, and with this kind of a delivery I expect to see this being a great compliment to Texas Ren Fest near Houston and Scarborough Faire near Dallas.

Faire Freaks Galore

We took advantage of the leafy fairy groves and stonehenge fire circle guarded by a menacing looking, but gentle beast.  Something I noticed was there was a higher percentage of patrons actually in costume.   It makes it feel like somewhat of an insider faire.  The benefit of this is definitely a lot of creative costumes with a fantasy twist like pirate-fab and tribal-dancer-mad-max-raggamuffin-forest elf. There were furry tails galore.  There seemed to be less strict period garb and more costumes with freaky interpretations.  This worked well for Faire Freak.  I love Ren Faires.  I appreciate historical accuracy.  But, I’m freaky, and I like looking at other freaky people too.

Farewell, Sherwood Forest Faire.  A memorable weekend fling…

Bummer we can’t return to the Sherwood Forest Faire.  We are moving west towards the Arizona Renaissance Festival where we will be stationed for the duration of the event covering the latter half of the faire through April 5th, 2011.

Here’s a few more photos of interesting costumes.  In the next couple of weeks we’ll be posting photos of the jousting event, the parade, the musicians, performers, tribal girls, audiences, and shops and stands.  And always, the costumes!

Ren Faire Fox charms the little ladies

Faire Freak loves loves loves the Time Travelers!

Wings and Tails all over the Faire. Sexy raggamuffin fairies frolic...

Devil Boy pranced around with this water jug for awhile. For what? I'll never know.

A Medieval Grim Reaper of sorts silently watches the jousting tournament. Note: The white knight fell! Yikes!

Green Tophat Man is off to play his guitar

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